MUG Membership and forum support

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MUG Membership and forum support

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McIDAS Users' Group (MUG) members, who pay for McIDAS support, receive top priority from the McIDAS Help Desk and normally receive a response within one business day of posting a new thread. If you are a MUG member, please contact the McIDAS Help Desk with your forum username and McIDAS site location. Once your MUG membership is verified, your posts will be given priority by the McIDAS-V support team.

Non-MUG members receive limited forum support from the McIDAS Help Desk, including answers to basic "How To" questions and responses to some bug reports and feature requests. Users of McIDAS-V are encouraged to answer the forum questions of other users and to share their knowledge and expertise. If a non-MUG member's question has not been answered by another user, the McIDAS Help Desk will answer the question as time allows. Users with multiple requests or who need faster responses to their questions need to join the MUG for priority support. Please contact me if you need more information on joining the MUG.

Becky Schaffer
Program Manager, McIDAS User Services
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