Imagery - Satellite Chooser

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Imagery - Satellite Chooser

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The Imagery - Satellite chooser contains the ability to create and save parameter sets. A parameter set allows you to save and restore server and parameter information for quick reloading in the future.

At this time, this chooser does not work with the server manager, or have the new layout.

When checked, the Preview image checkbox will show a preview image in the Region tab in the Field Selector.

In the Field Selector, there are two new tabs located on the bottom right - Region and Lat/Lon.

The Region tab allows you to select a region to display using a rubber band box. Use the Shift+Left Click and Drag option to draw a box.

The Lat/Lon tab allows you to control the center or upper left point of the image by specifying a Lat/Lon or Line/Element. The image size and magnification can also be changed.

When displaying the image, use the "Imagery->Test Image Display" in the Displays tab on the top right of the Field Selector to create the display.

To save a parameter set, select File->Save->Save Image Parameter Set from the Layer Controls. The parameter set manager will pop up. Create a folder by entering in a name and clicking "New Folder." To create a parameter set, select a folder, enter in a name, and click "New Parameter Set."

To load a parameter set, return to the Imagery - Parameter sets chooser in the Data Sources tab and click on the "Restore Parameter Set" tab in the chooser. Select a parameter set to restore and click OK. To update the list of parameter sets, click Update.

To edit a parameter set or folder, right click to rename or delete. Parameter sets can also be moved to different folders.
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