loadGrid "times" key in returned object

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loadGrid "times" key in returned object

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I have forgotten, what time is the "times" key of the loadGrid object supposed to contain? For GOES-16, it is an empty array as far as I can tell. That being said, I am using local broadcast data.

Data at

FWIW, I usually just get the time from t=grid['globalAttributes']['time_coverage_start'], but noticed the "times" key and thought that might be easier to remember.

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Re: loadGrid "times" key in returned object

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Hi Joleen-

Bob found that this issue has been written up in inquiry 2560.

The related forum post is here.

This inquiry is closed for the following reason:
- the listing lists exactly what is in the file. this will be different for
every data type and we do not want to hard-code a list of output.
- time_coverage_start already outputs the date and time in a readable format.
the user can parse this string into their desired format. again, we do not want
to change the data that we are getting directly from the file.

Sticking with your current method of getting the time is the best course of action. If you have any further questions or comments, just let us know.

Thanks, Jay
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