General information about McIDAS-V scripting

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General information about McIDAS-V scripting

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Since the release of McIDAS-V version 1.2 in 2012, there has been a suite of fully supported Jython scripting tools. The functions and methods in this suite can be used to load and display data, manipulate the display, and save images. This allows the user to automatically process data and generate displays for web pages and other environments. The scripting tools can be run from the Jython Shell within McIDAS-V or from a script that can be launched from the McIDAS start-up script.

For McIDAS-V users interested in using scripting, there are several valuable resources available.

  • For users who are just getting started with scripting in McIDAS-V, there is a Basic Scripting tutorial available on the McIDAS-V Documentation page. This tutorial will teach the basics of scripting in the foreground with the Jython Shell, as well as background scripting with a variety of scripts demonstrating various functionalities.
  • There is a Scripting page in the User’s Guide that explains how to run scripts in the background. This page also describes a variety of functions and methods that can be used to create objects, modify objects and layers, and save displays.
  • For programmers interested in accessing lower-level API functionality or developing custom scripting tools, the Javadocs for McIDAS-V 1.2 and the libraries it depends on can be found here:
  • For users of the McIDAS-V nightly builds, here is a link to the updated McIDAS-V Javadoc page that includes our most recent updates.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please report them in this Scripting forum.

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