Change default settings for specific netCDF variables

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Change default settings for specific netCDF variables

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The built-in default display settings for certain variables cannot be changed or edited, but you can override them by creating a user default. The one I was looking at was sst (Sea Surface Temperature) and even though I had a netCDF file which contained SST variable with units "K" it displayed the data in degrees C (and with a color table and data range default as well).

To override a system or application default for a given parameter (or variable), you can create a User default:

On the main window, click "Tools" -> "Parameters" -> "Defaults" to bring up the "Parameter Defaults Editor" window.

On the "Parameter Defaults Editor" window, under the "User defaults" tab click "File" -> "New Row" to bring up the "Parameter Defaults" window.

In the "Parameter Defaults" window you can name a Parameter (your variable name) and pick a default color table, range, unit, and contour values. (Leaving things blank here seems to yield default McIDAS-V behavior such as the range being the range of the data, units being read from the file, etc).

On the "Parameter Defaults Editor" there are User Defaults, Application defaults (which come from McIDAS-V), and System defaults (which come from Unidata). There are many parameters (or variables) that have built-in defaults such as temp, dewpoint, BrightnessTemp, Radiance, theta, and more.
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