Adding a Map File to the Default Map Set

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Adding a Map File to the Default Map Set

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Users who locate a map file that they frequently use (e.g., that has extra detail or features in a case study region) can add it for use with the current session, and also can add it to the Default Map Set so that it appears with the default set of files in subsequent McIDAS-V sessions.

See this forum post for an example where this was done. See the Menus section near the bottom of the Map Controls page for the McIDAS-V User's Guide documentation. The examples below use the map file found in the DIVA-GIS website Free Spatial Data page's Global level section.

Add a map file for use in the current session:
After downloading the map file to a local directory, you can use it in the current session by adding it as a map in the Default Background Maps panel of the Layer Controls. To do so, select Edit > Add Your Own Map... then navigate to the map file, select it, and specify the attributes like name, color, line style and width.



When you click OK it automatically adds the new map to the bottom of the list of maps in the Default Background Maps:



Now you can use it like any other map in the list, i.e., use the checkbox to turn it on/off, change the line width, style and color, etc.

Add a map file to the default map set:
If you will want to use your new map file in future McIDAS-V sessions it's best to save it to the default map set. (Otherwise it won't be in the default map set and you would need to add it as above.) To save it to the default map set, select File > Default Maps > Save as the Default Map Set. Note that the attributes you have selected for all of the map files will be saved, so make sure you have the checkboxes, colors, etc., set to the values you want before you do the save.

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