Capture satellite image over topography

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Capture satellite image over topography

Post by glez_b »

I am trying to open a bundle containing the display a satellite image on topography, with 70 paths drawn on this. The idea is to capture the entire image, but when running the following lines of code:


I get a imagen only with a point plotted over the satellite image(see attached).

1. How can i obtain the image with all paths draw over the satellite image?

Another problem I have is when typing text on the image, write words backwards and puts semi hidden.

2. Is there any way to write the text correctly?

Because the satellite data and the data model are rather heavy, annex only the text files I use for drawing paths on the satellite image.
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Re: Capture satellite image over topography

Post by bobc »

Hi Boris -

I'm having some trouble replicating your image with any of the 3 files you provided. The best image I got was from your formato-scm file, where I got the following image:

I just loaded your file in through the General>Files/Directories chooser with the 'Text Point and Trajectory Data files' data type. I chose the Track>PointNo field with the 'Trajectory colored by parameter' display type. This drew the tracks at 3000 meters, which is the altitude value at every timestep. Are you drawing your tracks differently? Right now, I'm not seeing a way to overlay these tracks directly on the topography data, as you can with the satellite imagery data. I'll investigate this a little further and write up an inquiry for this feature request if one doesn't exist.

One suggestion I would have to get these tracks to overlay topography would be to adjust the 'altitude' field for each timestep to accurately represent the altitude, instead of 3000m for every timestep. This would allow you to draw the trajectories in the 3D. I created a sample TXT file with the following text in it:

Code: Select all

40 30 300 40
41 31 1000 35
42 32 2500 30
43 33 3750 25
44 34 5000 20
45 35 7500 15
46 36 10000 10
47 37 12500 5
48 38 15500 0
49 39 20000 -30

Column1=Lat; Column2=Lon; Column3=Altitude; Column4=Temp and this gave me a 3D trajectory.
3d trajectories
3d trajectories

As for your text in the display:
1. There are known problems where certain text will be hidden under 3d features in the display, especially when the display is rotated.
2. As for the backwards text, are you adding the text and then rotating your display to the north or viewing it from underneath? Or are you doing something different when you see backwards text?

Thanks -
Bob Carp
McIDAS Help Desk
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