Customizing Histograms

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Customizing Histograms

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Recently I have been working on running statistics using the libraries from McIDAS-V and Hydra in scripts. I needed to create histograms of the data. Since JFreeChart is packaged in the IDV/McIDAS-V external.jar file, I was able to use the JFreeChart API to create some simple histograms. The example below is done within McIDAS-V via the jython shell, but I have incorporated the technique in a script which is running in the background.

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import os

import as File
import java.lang.Double as Double
import as jfreeStats
import org.jfree.chart as jfreeCharts


# get the data from the

# some options for creating the histogram.  Set to False.
show = 0;
toolTips = 0;
urls = 0;

# Initialize a dataset that can be used for creating histograms in JFreeChart
# The default type is HistogramType.FREQUENCY

newHD = jfreeStats.HistogramDataset()

# establish a low and high bin for the plot
lowBin = Double(180)
highBin = Double(360)

# Get the doubles array from the visad object captured with selectData()
myArray = (a[0].getValues())[0]

# add a series to the HistogramDataset object “newHD.”  This will contain the array
# of doubles, 16 bins, and the low/high bins defined.
newHD.addSeries("H1",myArray,20, lowBin, highBin)

# create the histogram.
myHist=jfreeCharts.ChartFactory.createHistogram("My Title","3.9 micron Temperature (K)","Frequency",newHD,jfreeCharts.plot.PlotOrientation.VERTICAL,show,toolTips,urls)

# create a new java file object for saving the image
outFile = homeDir + "/testJFREE.png"
newFile = File(outFile)

#save the chart

print "Done:  saved as " + outFile

The result is


This is a partial tips and tricks. There are many options which I don't know how to use fully and other questions that I have. I hope that this can be expanded as I or others learn more.

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Re: Customizing Histograms

Post by joleenf »

How do I add a greek character? JFreeChart uses java strings, so the unicode value can be used. For example:

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import java.lang.String as javaString;
domainTitle = javaString("3.9 - 10.7" + u'\u03bc' + "m Brightness Temperature Difference (K)")

Next, how do I change the tick units (example will be for the domain? First, get the plot object, get the domain axis, set the tick units by distance between units. Save the chart

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   # Change the default tick unit...
   plot = myHist.getPlot()                             # get the histogram plot
   domainAxis = plot.getDomainAxis()         # get the control for the domain axis

   # Create a tickUnit object
   tickUnit = jfreeCharts.axis.NumberTickUnit(float(5))      # determine the tick unit spacing
   domainAxis.setTickUnit(tickUnit)                                   # apply this spacing to the domain axis
   # save chart

The result


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