Displaying POES data

Errors and unexpected results
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Displaying POES data

Post by Greg »

Good Afternoon:

Not having any luck in displaying POES data from the GILMORE and WALLOPS servers. Get a message in the main display window that the "domain must be only spatial." NOAA GAC Images (17 and 18).

Windows XP; McIDAS-V beta1.

Thanks ..

Greg ...
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Re: Displaying POES data

Post by barryr »

Hi Greg,
Thanks for posting this report. You are correct. In fact, I think McIDAS-V errors with "domain must be only spatial" when trying to display any real-time POES data.

Obviously, it will need to be fixed. It is filed as McIDAS-V Inquiry #317. According to that inquiry, it fails because the default POES nav is not coded in McIDAS-V, and the LALO nav option doesn't work because LALO nav is not available in the POES ADDE server.

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Re: Displaying POES data

Post by tsavos »


I have the same issue, but got around this by selecting the Navigation Type: Lat/Lon in the Data Sources menu.

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