panel disappeared upon loading an RGB

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panel disappeared upon loading an RGB

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I have a 2-panel display, the left panel is a subset of a MODIS hdf file loaded via hydra. The right panel is an RGB composite. I had the left panel loaded properly and then I wanted to bring in my RGB. Of course to do an RGB, one has to load the MODIS data in as brightness counts via an ADDE server. I did this for my 3 channels and executed the formula. When I did this, my data switched to the new "upside down" projection of the AREA data (we need to do away with this upside down view BTW) and the data in the left panel completely vanished. See attached for example.
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Re: panel disappeared upon loading an RGB

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Thanks Kris,

I was able to find an easier example and wrote up the following inquiry:

1) Start a 2-panel display tab
2) Highlight panel 1 and via HYDRA load a MODIS channel
3) Create a local ADDE dataset using the the same hdf from step 2
4) Highlight panel 2 and via Satellite Imagery Chooser, Create an image display
using the dataset created in step 3.
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