missing an interstate

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missing an interstate

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I zoomed into where I currently live with the Mc-V interstate map on and notice that the map is missing one of the 2 tunnels that connect to the mainland of SE VA. See attached image...there should be another red line to the west of the current one across Hampton Roads Bay/James River that would denote I-664. This highway/tunnel is not very new...it is ~20 years old now. Maybe an updated map should be implemented especially if Mc-V is being used for road transportation studies
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Re: missing an interstate

Post by Rick »

Thanks Kris,

I know there are several databases available with more up-to-date information. I found this site with roads and other shape files:

http://www.nationalatlas.gov/atlasftp.h ... s#chptrans

I downloaded the roads and it looks like the interstate you mention is shown

I've written up the following inquiry.

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