bundle formatting not preserved

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bundle formatting not preserved

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I spent quite a bit of time formatting a bundle that included two fields from an ADDE server and one NWP dataset. I adjusted the color tables with the proper ranges, made the low end of the color table transparent, etc... I saved this as a zipped bundle so my data for a particular case would be preserved. I removed all displays and data and loaded the bundle to see if it worked. The data loaded properly, but all my formatting for the ADDE based imagery was lost. See attached, this image should be in color, the range was set to be 0 to 16, and the map was supposed to be on the top layer. Is this a known problem?
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Re: bundle formatting not preserved

Post by Rick »

Hi Kris,

An inquiry has been written up for this inquiry:


It is scheduled to be fixed for the first release of McIDAS-V.
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