McIDAS-V Hangs When Do a Change Range

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McIDAS-V Hangs When Do a Change Range

Post by Greg »

Good Morning ..

I have noticed several times now that when a satellite image is displayed and you right click on the grayscale bar and click on Change Range McIDAS-V locks up. Need to go to the task manager to kill it. Occurs intermittently.

McIDAS-V beta1, Windows XP

Thanks ...
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Re: McIDAS-V Hangs When Do a Change Range

Post by barryr »

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the report.

We checked around and couldn't find cases of this occurring elsewhere. Please send us a copy of the mcidasv.log file in your .mcidasv directory (normally in c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.mcidasv on Windows machines) so we can see if it gives any hints.

If it happens again, please send another note with all the relevant info you can think of, including which satellite and band were displayed when it happened.

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