wireframe box and hydra

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wireframe box and hydra

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I first loaded a set of point data, which only covers one set of 8 pixels in the NW part of the following image (look . The wireframe becomes based around only this tiny group of pixels (see white box on the northern portion of one of the Indonesian islands).


I then load in the hydra MODIS image, but the box does not change to represent the size of the new domain. So when I click the buttons on the left side to navigate around in my box, especially the one to navigate to the top or side views of the display, the display zooms into this tiny box. This is not very helpful. BTW, ignore the N-S line on the image, this is a CALIPSO data track.

It would be helpful if, after I load the hydra data, the wireframe box were to resize itself to cover the entirety of the hydra data domain.
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Re: wireframe box and hydra

Post by barryr »

Hi kbedka1,
Thanks for posting this report. Since it may involve a software fix, I assigned in McIDAS-V Inquiry # 402.
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