Error processing chooser XML

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Error processing chooser XML

Post by Tropicwatch »

I installed McIDAS-V yesterday and it worked fine. Today I get the error message:


and then there are no data sources listed in the data explorer.
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Re: Error processing chooser XML

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I first want to let you know that since this is a different startup error, I created a new topic thread for it and moved your post.

Thanks for using -V and unfortunately we think you encountered an error with 1.7 that we are currently testing a fix for. The problem can happen when you access local data from directories that change names or disappear. An example would be if you access local data from a flash drive or access data from a mounted drive that gets changed or unmounted. If you had data in a directory that no longer exists that you previously accessed in -V, that will cause the issue as well. The Data Source choosers remember the last accessed data directory. There was a change on how this information is refreshed in 1.7, which leads to the error you are seeing if it can't find the directory data was previously found in. We have written up this problem in our inquiry system to log the changes here:

We make nightly builds of McIDAS-V to test software changes and the fix for your problem is in this version. Please download the appropriate installer from: and install. Since this is a nightly build with untested code, it is possible there are unintended bugs. However, since the recent 1.7 release, there have been very few changes, and we'd recommend you to try this nightly to solve your issue.

I hope this information helps. Let us know how it works and if you have any further problems.

Thanks, Jay
McIDAS User Services
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