using GOES-16 data as local area data

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using GOES-16 data as local area data

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I have GOES-16 data locally, that are copied via an ADDE IMGCOPY. It seems that these two UNIT parameters work:

ir_temperature = loadADDEImage(band=14, unit='Temperature', **loadADDE)
ir_temp = loadADDEImage(band=14, unit='TEMP', **loadADDE)

but only this works for visible
vis_alb = loadADDEImage(band=2, unit='ALB', mag=(1, 1), **loadADDE)

This does not work
vis_temperature = loadADDEImage(band=2, unit='Albedo', mag=(1, 1), **loadADDE)

The unit of 'Albedo' does work for remote access to ADDE data. I have not tested for netCDF data that I might point to as GOES-16 ABI data.

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Re: using GOES-16 data as local area data

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Hi Joleen-

I was able to replicate your issue using GOES-13 and GOES-16 AREA files. I've written up inq. 2589 for evaluation to get ALB/Albedo to behave the same way TEMP/Temperature do in loadADDEImage calls.

I found this error in my log file:
__main__.AddeJythonInvalidUnitError: Unit not found in band. (error code: -11007)

Thanks for reporting this problem!

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