Select A Region GOES-16 netCDF files

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Select A Region GOES-16 netCDF files

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Does 'Select A Region' actually work for GOES-16 netCDF files? It seems that when I try to select just a portion of the image region, my image has all missing values. However, if I use the default region with a large stride, my image has values.

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Re: Select A Region GOES-16 netCDF files

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Hi Joleen -

I've tested out a few local ABI NetCDF files through the General>Files/Directories chooser on Windows 7 and OS X (using today's nightly) and the Select A Region option in the Region tab of the Field Selector seems to be working for me. I've tried with a variety of FD, CONUS, M1, and M2 domain files. Could you please let me know the following:

  1. Assuming you are using a nightly build, is it up to date?
  2. Can you let me know the name of a file you are using that doesn't work? I know there are many different types of files available, so perhaps certain ones are causing the problem?
  3. What display type(s) are you trying to use? I've tested thus far with Image Display and Color-Shaded Plan View.

Thanks -
Bob Carp
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