using the µm symbol in documentation

Errors and unexpected results
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using the µm symbol in documentation

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I was adding documentation to the beginning of my function within the jython shell. I am certain this was an unexpected result for me, because using the following code

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def myfunction():
   Stuff about bands using  µm symbol

I was okay for the session in which I saved the new function. However, when I tried to open a new session, I could not open a jython shell or jython library. Everything was okay if I opened into a temp directory or if I removed the µm symbol from the documentation.

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Re: using the µm symbol in documentation

Post by jayh »

Hi Joleen-

Bob took a look at this and was able to reproduce the error. He wrote up inquiry 2482 for this to be looked at. It's quite possible this is related to the UTF-8 changes in inquiry 2040 need to be applied to the Jython Library as well. If we come up with any workarounds that would be helpful we will post them here.

Thanks, Jay
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