metadata cut option?

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metadata cut option?

Post by joleenf »

I am not sure this is a bug, but I am not sure this was intended either. When a netcdf or hdf grid dataset is loaded into the field selector, it is possible to see the metadata by right clicking on the grid dataset and selecting "Properties" and then navigating to the "Metadata" tab. I was surprised to find that I could accidentally cut information from the metadata. It does not really hurt anything, if I reload the dataset, I can get the full metadata back. However, it does not make much sense either, unless this will develop as a way to fix incomplete or non-compliant metadata.

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Re: metadata cut option?

Post by bobc »

Hi Joleen -

Thanks for reporting this, I'm replicating it on my machine. It appears that the Metadata tab gives the illusion that you can edit the text, but it doesn't actually change the data source. For example, if you remove a bunch of the fields listed in the metadata and hit Apply/OK, the Fields panel in the Field Selector remains unchanged. Other tabs in the Properties window (Spatial Subset and Times) do impact the data source once Apply/OK is chosen. I wrote this up as Inquiry 2266.

Thanks again -
Bob Carp
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