black saving as gray with bgtransparent

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black saving as gray with bgtransparent

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When using bgtransparent, only one symbol, a circle, which is black in the display is saving as gray in the output. The text color is not changing. I have set my background color to white in the general preferences, but that does not help. I am not sure whey this is happening.

the .ism file extension needs to be added to the acceptable forum extensions.

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Re: black saving as gray with bgtransparent

Post by jayh »

Hi Joleen-

I'm seeing definite issues when using BG Transparent interactively with Capture Image. My results depended on what format I was saving into, jpg, gif, or png (the 3 I tried). I used your ot3.ism file to display current temperatures. I didn't see the gray circle exactly like your results, but my white background turned gray in my png and gif files. When I tried jpg, then the background was black.

If I didn't use BG Transparent, then behavior was as expected.

I wrote up inq. 2148 for evaluation. Thanks for reporting this bug.

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