export shape drawing error

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export shape drawing error

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I created an arrow and a filled arrow using draw freely. I also included text. I exported the drawing file. When I imported the drawing file, the shape (arrow) imports back in as a filled rectangle and a hollow rectangle rather than an arrow shape.

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Re: export shape drawing error

Post by bobc »

Hi Joleen -

Thanks for the bug report, I'm replicating the problem as well. I wrote this up as McIDAS-V Inquiry 2117.

You might be able to try the 'Create a polygon' mode to draw an arrow, though I admit it might be hard to draw a nice arrow with this shape option.

Another option would be a bundle. After drawing your shapes in the Drawing Control widget, you can use File > Save > Save Display as Bundle. Whenever you want to use the arrow, you can load the bundle. If you already have a display created and you want to add the arrow to it, you can select the 'Merge with active tab' option when loading the bundle.

Thanks again for reporting this -
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