h8 training document data

Errors and unexpected results
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h8 training document data

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Could you double-check. The H8 training data from the user functions tutorial does not load into the field selector when using McIDAS-V 1.6 beta 1 build date 2015-07-10. It does work in McIDAS-V version 1.5.

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Re: h8 training document data

Post by jayh »

Hi Joleen-

I'm seeing errors in my 7/6 nightly:

There was an error loading the data:
Error creating data source:file.grid with: /Users/jayh/Downloads/UserFunctions/H8/HS_H08_20150415_0420_B01_FLDK.subset.nc
Grid data source failed making data set: /Users/jayh/Downloads/UserFunctions/H8/HS_H08_20150415_0420_B01_FLDK.subset.nc
Must specify semi_minor_axis

Also, 1.5 works for me, so I'll inform the programmers.

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