location selection persists

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location selection persists

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I am using goes data (16 times, full res, from easts size 490x732) and radar data ( 1 time for a test, RHI). The region image persists into the layer control for the RHI.

I have seen this happen in the tabs of the field explorer (http://mcidas.ssec.wisc.edu/inquiry-v/?inquiry=1814), but not in the layer control.

McIDAS-V Version 1.52beta2 2015-01-21. main.xml is at 104865 bytes

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.45.22 PM.png
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Re: location selection persists

Post by bobc »

Hi Joleen -

Thanks for posting the bug report. We have also seen this problem on OS X where the Region tab of the satellite chooser can persist through all three tabs of the Data Explorer. This problem came in the 1.5beta2 builds, which includes an updated java version.

We just put in a fix for this yesterday, which is now in the nightly builds dated 1/29. If you pick up a new nightly, please let us know if you still run into the problem.

Thanks -
Bob Carp
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