Auto-Set Projection defaults is "On"

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Auto-Set Projection defaults is "On"

Post by joleenf »

McIDAS-V 1.5 beta2, build date: 2015-01-21

I have tried to turn off Auto-Set Projection alone in the Display Window Preferences
Result = Auto-Set Projection appears active according to menu in Main Display when McIDAS-V is restarted, but the default preferences indicate otherwise. As long as "Enable Adaptive Resolution" is on, even though "Use Selected" is the user choice, "Auto-Set Projection" is active.

I have tried turning off both “Auto-Set Projection” and “Enable Adaptive Resolution” in the Display Window Preferences
Result = Both still appear active when McIDAS-V is restarted. In fact, it appears that Adaptive Resolution is active, unless "Use Selected" is chosen. If "Use Selected" is chosen, "Auto-Set Projection" is off, but "Use Default" forces "Auto-Set Projection" to be active.

If by default, I have de-selected "Reset Projection with New Data" off, then this is what I expect. It is also confusing to set a system preference, verify that it is off, but then find in the Main Display, that is is not really, or may not be off (depending on choices made prior to loading in the Main Display).


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Re: Auto-Set Projection defaults is "On"

Post by bobc »

Hi Joleen -

We ran some tests, and I am thinking that this is more of a documentation issue than a bug. The reason why 'Auto-set Projection' and 'Enable Adaptive Resolution' are turned on when you start up McIDAS-V is because you have a default layout that has these options on. This default layout is used when McIDAS-V is started, and the settings in the default layout override those in the User Preferences. In any new tabs that you create in your session, you should see that the User Preferences are used instead of the default layout.

I will update the documentation to include all of the settings that the default layout stores with it to hopefully prevent future confusion.

Does this make sense?

Thanks -
Bob Carp
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