Problems With Modis Oceanic DATA

Errors and unexpected results
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Problems With Modis Oceanic DATA

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Hi ,

I understand McIDAS-V and McIDAS in general has the ability to read modis data (hdf format) , I tried to read Modis ocean data Level 1 (A2004304182000.L0_LAC) and also level 2 (A2006264185000.L2_LAC) but i have been getting different errors . This are also modis type files with the same structure as the hdf format . I would like to know why it can't be read with mcidas and How i can work around this.

The data can be retrieved from
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Re: Problems With Modis Oceanic DATA

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Right now McIDAS (-V and -X) have limited MODIS and hdf support. Here's a list of the data formats currently supported. ... urces.html

As you can see, most of our development work has been limited to the atmospheric sciences. There are times when a small configuration fill is needed to read these files into McIDAS. I'll have our developers take a look at one of these files to see what they have to say.
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