MODIS Hydra crashes

Errors and unexpected results
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MODIS Hydra crashes

Post by kbedka1 »

I have already talked to Tom Rink about this directly, but I figured I'd post to make the problem known to the group.

For reference, I am using a Mac with version Beta 1.

I'm looking at MODIS Level 2 Brightness Temperatures from an hdf file via Hydra Multispectral dataset type. In the Field Selector, if I were to click back and forth between the emissive and reflective multispectral bands, Mc-V would crash and the window disappears.
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Re: MODIS Hydra crashes

Post by jessica.braun »

Hi Kris,

Sorry for a late reply.

I can replicate this on our test OSX Intel machine and have written this up in an inquiry:


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