Workaround for bundles referencing

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Workaround for bundles referencing

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The catalog for gridded data was recently updated to the 4.6 version of the THREDDS Data Server. There are some compatibility issues with older bundles that point towards this catalog. For example, when loading a bundle with data created from, you may see a Null Pointer Exception error as well as the Non-Compliant NetCDF Tool.

If you see an error when loading a bundle pointing to a catalog, you can install a plugin via the Plugin Manager (Tools > Plugins > Manage from the Main Display window) to fix the problem. At the bottom of the Plugin Manager, expand the Data Sources tree and install the Unidata TDS Fallback Server plugin. After installing the plugin, restart McIDAS-V and previously-made bundles should load.

When working through the User Interface to load model data, we suggest using the threddsRTModels.xml catalog. This catalog points to servers that have not yet made the transition to TDS 4.6 and should work.

If you have any questions, please respond to this forum post.

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