Local Servers Error.

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Local Servers Error.

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Upon launch I get the error message:

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Local servers can't write to userpath: /home/j9w/McIDAS-V 
I am using McIDAS-V 1.8 and CentOS7.
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Re: Local Servers Error.

Post by beckys »

Hi -

Is this the first time that you've used McIDAS-V on this machine? We support -V on Linux Red Hat and have many users on CentOS. We have seen that error previously on other types of Linux systems that don't have 32 libraries installed. We have this information in our User's Guide:
Q. Why do I see 'Local servers cannot write to userpath:' errors when starting McIDAS-V?

A. To use local servers in McIDAS-V, there is a background server listening process called mcservl. This process run for the duration of the session, and after McIDAS-V is exited, the process take extra time to terminate. If McIDAS-V is closed and started again before the mcservl process terminates, local servers will not be able to start and the 'Local servers cannot write to userpath:' error occurs. Once this error comes up, click OK. If you attempt connecting to a local dataset, a message will pop up directing you to the ADDE Data Manager, where navigating to the Local Servers -> Start Local Servers menu item will start up the local servers correctly so that local servers can be used in the session.

To avoid this error, it is recommended that a user waits about 10 seconds after exiting McIDAS-V before starting again.

Additionally, if running 64bit Debian or Ubuntu operating systems, this message can appear at startup if the ia32-libs package is not installed on the workstation. The ia32-libs are the 32bit libraries that 32bit applications need to execute on a 64bit system.

The adde servers are built on 32-bit machines and distributed as binaries, this can cause these problems with unsupported Linux systems that don't have these 32-bit libraries installed by default. To further diagnose this, I'd like you to go to a terminal and try these commands:

1. cd to your McIDAS-V-System directory (e.g. /home/j9w/McIDAS-V-System)
2. cd adde/bin
3. mcservl (Please post the result of this command, it may give us information as to what the problem is or confirmation that your system is lacking the 32-bit libraries.)

If this information is leading us to the 32-bit library problem, you should look for the ia32-libs package. Installing that package(s) may solve the problem.

Other background and trouble shooting steps can be found in http://mcidas.ssec.wisc.edu/forums/view ... =14&t=1501. Making sure you have the correct 64 bit Linux installer, permissions, etc.

I hope this information helps. Let us know if you have further questions.

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