McIDAS-V 1.8 on LINUX Centos 7

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McIDAS-V 1.8 on LINUX Centos 7

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I have installed Mcidas on Linux Centos 7 but Can't start the program. Anybody knows the command used for this? I am new to Linux

Any help is appreciated
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Re: McIDAS-V 1.8 on LINUX Centos 7

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Per the Downloading and Running McIDAS-V page of the McIDAS-V User's Guide, you would follow the "On all other platforms" instructions under "Running McIDAS-V".

The way that you would start McIDAS-V on Linux would be to:

  1. Open a Terminal window
  2. cd to the directory where you installed McIDAS-V. This may be in your /home/username/McIDAS-V-System directory
  3. Run: runMcV

Does this work?

Bob Carp
McIDAS User Services
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