problem on using the cursor readout option

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problem on using the cursor readout option

Post by onion5376 »

Following the instruction of Mcidas-v manual, clicking and dragging the middle mouse button could activate the Cursor/Data Readout option and list the latitude, longitude, and data value under the cursor. However, only the information on geographic coordinate can be shown in lower left of screen, the key information (data value) can not be seen. It seems that information on data value is covered by task bar of win7 system.

system platform: win 7, x64
software version: McIDAS-V 1.8

Cursor/Data Readout
Cursor/Data Readout
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Re: problem on using the cursor readout option

Post by bobc »


Thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue on Windows machines where the probe output can be hidden behind the taskbar, and is written up as inquiry 982. I don't have any estimate on when this will be fixed, but I do have a workaround you might want to consider:

  1. Right-click on the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the monitor and choose Properties.
  2. From the "Taskbar" tab of the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window, enable "Auto-hide the taskbar" and click OK.

Now, if you probe around the display you should find that the probe output is always visible since the taskbar won't be shown. The taskbar will become visible if you move your cursor to the bottom of the monitor. I understand that hiding the taskbar has some drawbacks (such as not being able to see the date/time), but I'm not aware of any other workarounds for now. I left a note in the inquiry to contact you if/when a fix for this is implemented.

Thanks again,
Bob Carp
McIDAS Help Desk
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