Visualizing MHS (.bin format) data in McIDAS-V

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Visualizing MHS (.bin format) data in McIDAS-V

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How to visualise the microwave MHS data in .bin format received through EUMETCAST in McIDAS?
I understand that the same data in .nc format is compatible with McIDAS. How to convert .bin to .nc which then can be visualised in McIDAS> Or can the .bin file directly visualised using some alternated method in McIDAS? The file being the .bin is not allowed to be uploaded.
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Re: Visualizing MHS (.bin format) data in McIDAS-V

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This is the same information that I already emailed you, but I'll post it here as well so it is available for all users. Perhaps another forum user has experience working with this MHS binary format who might be able to provide some more information. Binary files can be loaded into McIDAS-V through the General>Flat Files chooser, though you do need to know some information about the data, such as the lat/lon corner points and dimensions (lines/elements).

There is no utility to convert from binary to netCDF with McIDAS-V. I've never tried it myself, but a Google search brought up several results for a function "convertBinary2Ncdf". This is included in Here's another page that gives more information about the arguments that convertBinary2Ncdf accepts. Another source of information about convertBinary2Ncdf in the Package '' document beginning on page 5.

This being said, I've never actually tried this function and I'm not sure if it works with all binary files, but it could be worth giving it a try.

Bob Carp
McIDAS Help Desk
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