support for "sandwich" product animations

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support for "sandwich" product animations

Post by kbedka1 »

I know one can create single image visible and IR sandwich composites, but as I recall the formula wasn't set up to enable multi-hour animations. I know Joleen has developed some scripting to generate these animations, but I was wondering if/when Mc-V would be able to do the animations with just clicks in the GUI rather than scripting.
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Re: support for "sandwich" product animations

Post by hproe »

Hi Kris -
Some years ago I have fiddled with the sandwich idea in McV (with support from Mike Hiley and Joleen). And oh wonder the code is still in my installation (see attached file). It consists of a module at the end that does the real sandwich work (spreads the butter on the bread slice) and a couple of modules above that call the data (from different imagers) and pass it to the sandwich code. Now, either you do a script with one of these modules, eg the one for SEVIRI, and loop through time. Or you create a formula (similar to my RGB formulae) and use it in the GUI. However, I have never reached the stage of processing time series. And bear in mind that things are slowly fading in my ageing head! Good luck.

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Re: support for "sandwich" product animations

Post by jayh »

Hi Kris-

Currently the GUI doesn't have this capability. I'm going to add the enhancement to inquiry 2666. This inquiry is to add the sandwich routine as a formula. Bob is currently looking into some of the other RGB formulas and inquiries regarding this topic as well.

Thanks, Jay
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