mcidas enhancement curves

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mcidas enhancement curves

Post by ghansham »

Hi all

I wanted mcidas enhancement curves for the attached images..

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Re: mcidas enhancement curves

Post by barryr »

Hi Ghansham,

The options for duplicating those enhancement curves include checking to see if they are already packaged in McIDAS-V, creating them by hand via the Color Table Editor, or requesting the color table from the creator of those images and importing them via the Color Table Editor.

As you probably know, there are hundreds of color tables packaged in McIDAS-V. They can be accessed through the Color Tables menu in the Color Table Editor (Tools > Color Tables), or by right-clicking the color bar of a displayed image in the Legend. There are additional color tables available in Plugins that can be installed using the Plugin Manager(Tools > Plugins > Manage...) and then selecting Color Tables in the Available Plugins section to selectively install them.

If you are able to contact the person who created those displays and they are willing to give you the color table, you can import it into McIDAS-V (via the File > Import... menu in the Color Table Editor) if it's in one of the supported formats shown in the attached image (IDV, GEMPAK, 3-column RGB, McIDAS-X, AWIPS II).
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