Mcidas V local or open adde

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Mcidas V local or open adde

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Good day cant i ask if there is available realtime satellite image @ southeast asia im from philippines. Iam mcidas v user. If there is a local or open adde at himawari . And i cant download 1.8beta1 because there is a username and password. How i can create password and username . Thanks More power.

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Re: Mcidas V local or open adde

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As an FYI, I moved this post from Under Development to General Questions.

As for Himawari data, I'm not aware of any freely-available remote server for this data. Perhaps another forum user will chime in if they are aware of any. Satellite Data Services at the University of Wisconsin, Madison does have a remote ADDE server for Himawari data, but there is a charge for using the server. If you are interested in pursuing this option, see this Contact Information page.

A separate email was sent to you containing the login information to obtain the McV 1.8beta1 nightly.

Bob Carp
McIDAS Help Desk
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