Polar Orbit Track Chooser

New McIDAS-V features under development. Feedback is appreciated.
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Polar Orbit Track Chooser

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The Polar Orbit Track chooser is under development and can be found in the Under Development list of choosers in the Data Sources tab of the Data Explorer. The Polar Orbit Track tool allows McIDAS-V to plot the tracks of the polar orbiting satellites utilizing TLE messages from the satellites.

McIDAS-V enables these files to be imported through various ADDE servers and datasets, as well as through a URL.

Once a source is chosen and added in the Data Sources tab of the Data Explorer, the Field Selector tab will open. This includes a list of the polar satellites under Fields, the option of Omni Control or Polar Orbit Track displays, and times to utilize for the display. After the display is created, the Layer Controls tab will open.

The Layer Controls tab allows for the changing of the font size of the times plotted in the display window, as well as the color of the track and times. The font size can be changed by typing in a number next to Font Size, or utilizing the slide bar. The Ground Station dropdown menu allows for the selection of a ground station, which will be plotted along with the track in the display window. The ring depicted around the ground station represents the range where the ground station can detect the satellite. The Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude are fixed for each location, but the Antenna Angle can be changed by the user. The Set Color option below the Ground Station allows for the changing of color the ground station and ring plotted around it.
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