GIMGO or GITCO geolocation

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GIMGO or GITCO geolocation

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Dear all,

I would like to ask you for advice. Data with different geolocation file (GIMGO and GITCO – the only one on PEATE server for VIIRS Image bands) are shifted by few pixels on the edge of the swath. Which one is more accurate, terrain corrected geolocation? Which one do you prefer and why? It matters when using a high resolution of VIIRS Image bands...

I would appreciate your recommendations and experience with this.

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Re: GIMGO or GITCO geolocation

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Hi Michaela,

The following is from one of in house scientists:

You can see slight shifts on the edge of a granule over an ocean scene, hence the slight shift on the edge of the granule. The answer is that the GIMGO files are the non-terrain corrected files and the GITCO files are the terrain corrected ones. Ideally one should use the GITCO files, since that is more accurate. While you can get the files from CLASS, you can't use them if you bundle the geolocation in with the SDR data. There is a good discussion on VIIRS imagery data here: ... y_Data.pdf

Slides 9-10 contain a discussion on the various geolocation files that are available and the differences on the various files.
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