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McIDAS-V Inquiry Report Results
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Inquiry Summary Status Priority
2607 Add the ability to work with GLM data via ADDE (local and remote). Queued Critical
2551 McIDAS-V on OS X should be distributed as a signed application bundle - Continued. Queued Critical
2532 Improve the font quality of the layer labels. Being resolved Critical
2527 The new navUtility code should work with more fixed grid formatted satellite data (SEVIRI and MTG). Queued Critical
2525 The new navUtility code should make use of existing functions for resampling and creating RGBs. Being resolved Critical
2313 The default Legend Label should be changed from '%datasourcename% - %displayname%' to '%longname% - %displayname%'. Being resolved Critical
2263 Fix bugs with Unidata's new ADDE chooser under development. Being resolved Critical
2121 Decouple the user interface from the Data. Queued Critical
2120 Take on the support of Java 3D or select a new 3D package and refactor VisAD to make use of the new software. (ardor3d?) Queued Critical
2119 Implement a thread pool to reduce the number of threads. Queued Critical
2081 Fix Adaptive Resolution Bugs and move out of Under Development. Being resolved Critical
1798 Develop a way to let a user enter dates/times to use for imagery data without having the server look at every time in the dataset. In testing Critical
1501 Is there a way to extract satellite and solar angle information from an area file? Being resolved Critical
1194 Investigate/document ways to create a display, so a script can be run from cron in the background or on a remote machine (JVM or ....) Queued Critical
977 Improve the methods for local data selection. Being resolved Critical
936 Create a file reader to read non-compliant data files by prompting the user to define the necessary parameters. Being resolved Critical
742 The 2D Layer in McIDAS-V needs to be updated for better graphics and more user control (see the 2D Layer group for all inquiries). Being resolved Critical
601 Evaluate including geotools in -V to save drawings and contours as shape files. Queued Critical