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Inquiry Summary Status Priority
2617 The L3 Radar chooser's subset tabs are giving the incorrect domain of the data. In testing Critical
2577 McIDAS-V closing unexpectedly on OS X machines. Being resolved Critical
2555 A variety of formulas and methods don't properly retain the metadata of the data object passed through them. Queued Critical
2526 The new navUtility code should be able to utilize data pulled in via ADDE and not just local files. Being resolved Critical
2514 After creating a Contours Over Topography display, attempting to adjust the vertical scale in the Main Display causes McIDAS-V to lock up. IDV-sent to Unidata Critical
2485 When displaying multiple GeoTIFF files with different geographical domains in the same panel the data displays at the incorrect location. IDV-sent to Unidata Critical
2416 Situations can occur where you can lose the ability to probe the display, but everything else in the session works. Testing done Critical
2384 Aggregate Grids by Time Data Type is not working correctly with IDV 5.2u1 & 5.3. Being resolved Critical
2354 Image capture is not working correctly on Windows 10 systems with mcidasv.exe versions of the nightly build Being resolved Critical
2342 When using the Aggregate Grids by Time option the display is incorrect for some netCDF file variables Testing done Critical
2261 NPE when trying to access the Properties of a Histogram. Queued Critical
2109 You can lose the ability to probe or access certain items in the Layer Controls and Main Display. May involve having multiple layers/tabs. Testing done Critical
1935 The 'Max over time steps' formula is giving unexpected results when working with local files. Queued Critical
1742 Blank images when loading in very large grids. Being resolved Critical
1634 Getting NPE when trying to export grid data to netCDF file. IDV-sent to Unidata Critical
1582 BUFR files are not working in 1.4. Being resolved Critical
1521 You cannot probe values from two data sources in one time sequence. IDV-sent to Unidata Critical
1515 Navy Bufr file no longer works with McIDAS-V version 1.3. Being resolved Critical
1150 Wind vectors are displayed incorrectly when changing projection. IDV-sent to Unidata Critical
1016 After garbage collection, the middle-mouse probe no longer works on previous tabs. Being resolved Critical
973 With certain satellite data over polar regions, only portions of the region can be probed in its native projection. More problems arise when attempting to re-project the data that can't be probed. Being resolved Critical
782 McIDAS freezes when loading in several zipped bundles in a row, with Replace Session option. Queued Critical
699 Problem selecting files from ADDE that have the same day/time, could be solved by a third POSITION tab. Being resolved Critical